Everything You Need to Properly Launch & Manage Your Crypto Coin

We offer a suite of products and services to make it safe and easy to create, launch, and manage Crypto Coin throughout their lifecycle.

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Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, & ID Verification

Our KYC, AML, and ID Verification process ensures that unqualified people are blocked from purchasing or selling coins. New purchasers just need to complete this once; any existing customers can buy your coins without needing to do this again.


Customizable Coin Page & Registration Flow

Create your custom coin page & registration flow with all the relevant information about your product, coins, and coin sale. After your coin launches, we will add real-time coin data to your page as well as a widget so users can easily buy and/or sell your coin at any time.


Purchaser Assessments

Create your custom purchaser assessment questionnaire that coin buyers are required to complete (usually 6-7 multiple choice questions). This is to ensure that buyers fully understand your coin, know what it’s used for, and that they actually intend to use it. We require this to ensure all customers are properly informed and prepared to safely buy and use your coin as intended.


Large Purchaser Requests

Anyone who requests to buy a large number of your coins in the initial sale (over $10k) will be required to provide additional information explaining the reason for their specific request.
You can then manually review each answer on your issuer dashboard in real time and accept, reject or modify each request based on your determination if the buyer is real and has legitimate intent to use the full amount of coins requested (or the modified amount you choose).


Convenient Payment Options

We give coin buyers a variety of options to choose from when purchasing coin. With our seamless web wallet integrations, as well as the option to use any other crypto compatible wallet, coin buyers can purchase coins from whichever wallet they prefer.


Proof of Use

Create your custom proof of use thresholds based on your network design, coin functionality, and coin purchase amounts. Coins are non-transferrable until coin buyers “prove use” of their coin proportionate to the amount they purchase in the initial coin sale.


Audit Reports

Download a report of your coin sale at any time after the sale. The report will include all data related to your coin sale including information on all sale registrants, coin buyers, sale terms & conditions, coin pricing, sale results, a copy of your coin page and registration flow (including your purchaser assessment test, proof of use set-up, etc.), large purchase requests, coin supply breakdown, and more.


Audited Smart Contracts

We provide coin contracts, sale contracts, proof of use contracts, multi-sig wallet contracts, and others for you to use, all audited by Blockchain Software due diligence team memebers. We also help write, test, and deploy the contracts for you.


Automated Emails

Automatically send transactional and marketing emails to coin buyers including registration and purchase confirmations, incomplete and failed registration reminders, important coin dates/event updates (ex. sale live, network live, proof of use threshold met, etc.), and more.


Buy/Sell Widget

Once your coin launches, you can add a custom widget to your coin page that will enable users to easily buy and/or sell your coin at any time in just a few clicks without needing to go to an exchange.


Coin Sale Dashboard

Manage your coin sale in one place. Track users interested in your coin, sale registrants, coin buyers, and stay up to date on your registration and sale progress. You can also review and approve/deny large coin purchase requests, export custom email lists, and more.


24/7 Support

The Blockchain Software support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to help answer any questions you and your coin buyers have and provide assistance with anything needed (signing up, verifying ID, buying coins, etc.).


Network Tracker

Monitor your network activity after launch using real time data and analytics pulled directly from the blockchain. Track network usage and growth, transaction history and analytics, network fees/rewards distributed, new/active users, network activity trends, and more.


Coin Tracker

Monitor your coin activity after launch using real time data and analytics pulled directly from the blockchain. Track coin usage, current coin holders and balances, circulating coin supply, new/active coin holders, coin trends/analytics, and more. You can also alert and message current coin holders of any important news/updates.

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